Welcome to Sebastian Stan Network, your newest fansite for Romanian-American actor, Sebastian Stan. I originally opened this site in November 2021 but after a few problems I had to close it for a few months.

Whether you know him from his Marvel projects or your love goes back as far as his Gossip Girl days or before, you’ve obviously come to appreciate his talent, his humor, and his personality. And he’s also not hard on the eyes!

Even though I have been a fan since Gossip Girl, I started majorly following him beginning with the Marvel world and by Civic War, I became huge Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier stan. I became a major of stan of Sebastian(the man) during his Marvel press tours. I thought he was so hysterical especially with Anthony and Chris Evans. Plus, I saw what a good heart and generous soul he had. After The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, I went back and watched everything I hadn’t seen of his already. As much as I like most of his characters, especially Bucky Barnes but TJ Hammond from Political Animals will have a soft spot in my heart forever. 2022 has been an even greater display of Sebastian’s talent.

I’m still working on a lot of the gallery including finishing his career section and adding the press archive and video gallery. I have most of the photos from this year’s projects and events but I still have to update other things from this year.

About this site:

→  There are no candid/paparazzi photos other than Sebastian filming one of his projects or him arriving or leaving public events.

→  I try not to post any personal pics of fans with Sebastian unless they are donated. (I love donations btw!) If I’ve posted personal photos that belong to you and you want them removed or just given credit, let me know and it’ll be remedied quickly.

→  I have posted photos with credit from Flicker of conventions. If yours have been posted and you want them removed, let me know.

→  The Marvel section is mostly UHD/4k quality except the extras and some documentaries. The Martian film is also UHD/4K. Everything else is at HD. All screencaps of the 2022 projects have also been 4k/UHD.

→  I’ve been able to obtain hundreds of exclusive outtakes from some of Sebastian’s popular photoshoots. I have posted only some of the pics so far. Due to the fact I had to remove some after I opened last year, I won’t be posting as many. They are tagged, but very subtly. Please do not remove the tags. That could end up with the outtakes not being released.

→  Below are some of the exclusive photoshoots I have posted so far. Please also visit other sections of the gallery. I’m sure there is new stuff mixed in with pics you’ve already seen. I hope you enjoy!



Thank you so much to Emily, Jay, Holly, Ashley, and Jen for their help with the site. A very extra, special thank you to Kaci! She has been there every step of the way getting the themes right and helping me with graphics, watermarks, etc. She’s so kind and doesn’t realize how amazing what she did for me was. So thank you, thank you!
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